Have you received a life-changing diagnosis?

Coremine Vitae finds the most personalized treatment for you

What happens after you have been diagnosed?

We give you an overview of standard treatment in Norway and internationally so you can be sure you are getting the best treatment available to you.

Did you know that your biomarkers are crucial for the choice of treatment?

Your biomarkers can have a major impact on the choice of treatment and are the starting point for personalized medicine. Our analysis team explains what these mean for you and which biomarkers are useful to test for.

Clinical trials and investigational treatments can be an important option

Coremine Vitae provides an overview of clinical trials and investigational treatments that may be relevant to you, both locally and internationally.
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How does the service work?
As a patient , you may have difficult choices ahead of you.
Usually your doctor will explain to you which treatment has worked best for most people. This is called standard treatment.
But each person and each disease is unique, and different people may benefit from different treatments. This is called precision medicine.
You can access a more personalized treatment by providing your doctor with more specific information about your situation and disease.
In Coremine Vitae, a multidisciplinary team will work for you by gathering evidence-based information about your disease and your genetic profile.
The information is presented in what we call a Coremine Vitae report and is unique to you.
An analyst from our team will explain to you and your doctor all your treatment options, including clinical trials and new treatments.
Now you and your doctor can make the most informed decision about which treatment strategy is best for you.

Helping patients

with knowledge and confidence about their own illness

"The material from Coremine Vitae has increased our level of expertise about cancer and enabled us to ask relevant questions about treatment choices, and if necessary also challenge the treating doctors, both in the oncology and surgery departments."
Ingjerd Vestengen

"From our first contact, we found the team to be serious and professional. We were well looked after, and it was important to be able to discuss our thoughts and questions with someone outside the public system who had the necessary expertise."
Ragnhild Hylland Hansen
Mother of patient

"I would recommend a Coremine Vitae report to anyone who has the opportunity to do so!
Everything is very safe, respectful and very pleasant. A fantastic and serious company, which I hope many people will enjoy! (once you are unfortunate enough to get sick, I mean)"
Eva Helen Moen

Hospitals, private clinics and patient associations

We cooperate with public hospitals, private clinics and patient associations. Feel free to contact us to discuss a possible collaboration.
Our partners
"Through the collaboration with Coremine Vitae, many of the Brain Tumor Association's members have gained access to their own Coremine Vitae report as a supplement to their regular treatment.

Through the report, they have received information about relevant treatments that are adapted to their personal medical profile, based on their genetic profile and disease. The report has thus helped patients to make better decisions about treatment and opportunities for participation in clinical trials by facilitating better co-choice."
Rolf J. Ledal
Secretary General of the Brain Tumour Society
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